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Why we only use Hikvision CCTV

OK so Hikvision are not the cheapest CCTV systems on the market, which in turn makes us not the cheapest CCTV installer on the market, so why use them?

Put simply it is due to the commitment to product development and amazing support we receive from Hikvision UK. The quality of not only the product but also the service is second to none.

When we install a CCTV system the last thing we want is to have constant call backs to rectify faults or simply to get the phone app working correctly so that you, the end user, can actually view your cameras.

With Hikvision products we know we can install the system, set it up either via PC or via the Hikvision mobile app, we can then walk away safe in the knowledge that we probably won't have any service issues with the system.

4 Camera IP CCTV systems from Hikvision start at just £679 fully installed.

For more information on our CCTV systems or to book a free consulataion please call 0191 2734664

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